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  • Birthday Flex!

    That age old Calendar does a 360–degree twirl and BOOM ya birthday is here again! Every new chapter unfolds with dreams and aspirations to motivate and encourage the physical and spiritual for the next 365 days til we see it again. Ageing is a graceful natural process in life which reminds us that we and […]

  • Ready for Sunny Summer!

    A  day out, and a do road with your fave peeps is one of the best right! You wanna look as good as it feels hanging out with your circle just giving and receiving positive energy! Well, that doesn’t require a lot of makeup if you don’t wanna use a lot. Simple, subtle looks are […]

  • Bold Red Lip? Why Not!

    Who says a bold red lippie can’t rock any outfit? Well, maybe not EVERY single one, but it sure does come close! Red signifies boldness and says to an onlooker, “Hey you! Look at me!” without even saying a word! The power of red illustrates a love effect and who doesn’t LOVE being in LOVE […]