Birthday Flex!

That age old Calendar does a 360degree twirl and BOOM ya birthday is here again!
Every new chapter unfolds with dreams and aspirations to motivate and encourage the physical and spiritual for the next 365 days til we see it again. Ageing is a graceful natural process in life which reminds us that we and our life still have something to offer the world. Birthdays should be celebrated as a sign of evolving and attaining a higher purpose.

Personally, this new chapter is gonna be a #dedication. To myself, my loved ones, my truth and purpose but most importantly, MY LIFE. It’s already a celebration for me but as this new beginning unfolds I plan to use my purpose to inspire and ignite movements in and around me to stay motivated, focused, humble and inspired.

On my birthday I wore #nipseyblue because I felt his life opened a cascade of opportunities for the world to be and feel better. Like many before him, his purpose was to impact his people. I don’t ever wanna feel that I didn’t live up to my true potential when I part.

I‘m already a cool likkle woman but I wanna be a cool likkle woman who does phenomenally! What are you up to for your birthday?

Let it be nothing short of amazing!

See you in my next post! #themarathoncontinues #longliveNipHusslethagreat

#themakeupbx #makeupyourlifestyle

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